About Us

We're a design studio that believes in the power of great design.

Marielle & Michelle Helland

Helland Creative Designs is a Website Design, Branding, Graphic Design & Pinterest Management studio for creative women.
We are here to help you creatively tell your brand's story through stunning & beautiful designs. We know being a passionate business owner isn't always easy. When it comes to your brand it can be hard making all the decisions on your own! no worries, we are here to take this off your shoulders by creating a Web Design & Brand that does the work for you.

You Are Here Because You Want To...

Grow Your Business

You want to grow your business & you need a strong strategically designed Website & Brand? Let us help, then you can drive more engagement & book more dream clients so you can focus on running & thriving your Business!

Free Up Your Time

You have an amazing product or service you want to share but you are overwhelmed by the tech of your online business. No problem, let us worry about the design elements of your business!

Lets Celebrate!

Maybe you long for your brand image and online presence to reflect your business. Then let's make your business brand so amazing they can't look away!

Well Gorgeous, You're In The Right Place!

We here at Helland Creative Designs are here to take all that off your hands. We are here to give you all the tools, tips & ideas you need to make your online space beautiful and attract your ideal clients and audience. Through authentic, cohesive & stunning designs we will create your dream Webspace & Brand!

Meet The Designers

Digital Design Strategist & Website Designer

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I am Marielle and I am so happy you've found our Design website. Me and my sister founded Helland Creative Designs 2019. I have had a couple of 9-5 jobs, it just never lasted since it was not something I was passionate about. I missed being creative. Being creative was something I always loved doing. I also had a huge passion for travel & I needed to find a way to combine work & Travel.

How could I do that? 

Let's jump forward a couple of years. Me and my sister finally took the leap and combined all of our creative skills and created Helland Creative Designs. We signed up for Business & travel coursers and got started. This is how our business was founded, by two sisters with a dream & passion for travel.

Digital Design Strategist & Website Designer

Hey There! I'm Michelle. I'm a young creative entrepreneur, who has a degree in design. I have always been a creative person, ever since I was a child. I always loved colors, painting & drawing. I would always jump to the chance to be creative. Me and my sister have always loved the idea of the laptop life while traveling the world. I always knew I wanted more than the 9-5 grid life. We finally took that scary chance and purchased our first business & travel course. The best decision we ever made.